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Naruvi Hospitals is a destination for world class health care, with the latest in medical technology, the best equipment to facilitate quick and accurate diagnosis, and the expertise and equipment to provide effective treatment that compares with hospitals anywhere in the world.

The pride of the Naruvi Group is the luminary list of our doctors, who have agreed to head each of our clinical and laboratory medicine departments. They are people who have trained, worked and matured in the casks of ‘purely ethical, moral and humane’ institutions. They bring with them priceless and insurmountable values and a legacy that money cannot buy. World class health care, academics, teaching, research and most of all, ethical and moral practices, would therefore be the capstone on which Naruvi Hospital will stand, for many decades to come.


To be the uncontested leader in healthcare, academics and research.


To realise our vision through honest, ethical and scientific practices for the ultimate benefit of the community.

Research & Academics

The Naruvi Hospitals, through its academic council will establish Diplomate of National Board (DNB) programs for Clinical Sciences, and Ph. D in the filed of research. ​ E​xchange programs with Henry Ford Health Systems, USA to enhance the training of laboratory specialists, nursing professionals and technical resource persons​ are in the pipeline. ​

Multi-Disciplinary Research Unit

Medical science owes most, if not all, of its evolution to research in basic and clinical sciences. Much is churned out of research into excellent clinical practices. At Naruvi, we believe we owe it to science, to give back to it, at least some part of our time, effort and earnings for research. The MDRU is therefore being set up to achieve this goal. We have world renowned research scientists already working on this, so that we have a full-fledged MDRU when the hospital opens its doors to public in 2020.

Public Health Initiatives

Naruvi will boast of cutting edge facilities to diagnose and treat the most complicated diseases. However, catering to the people in the local community and the needs of the local public, who would otherwise not have access to such modalities of treatment, runs deep in the veins of the Naruvi Hospitals. The Public Health department is being set up right away to address this need.

HFHS - Naruvi Tie Up

The tie up between Henry Ford Health Systems and The Naruvi Hospitals, beyond just sharing inputs in the setting up of the hospital, and the day to day running of it, also serves as a conduit for ‘Transfer of knowledge’ between the two organisations. It would weave the perfect fabric with technology that is abundant in the US and the even more abundant clinical material in India. Doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff would have the opportunity to work in the HFHS hospitals for finite periods to further their knowledge and expertise and vice versa.

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